Hey, It’s a Dark Knight Rises Trailer with Batman In It

I was all set to show you (and make fun of) WB’s viral promo for DKR, which resulted in a one-inch tall, soundless gif of a new DKR trailer (because that’s the way to make a splash during the week the Avengers opens). Unfortunately for my snark, WB released the real trailer, and it’s certainly better than the first two in my opinion, although it still doesn’t have the “OH SHIT THAT’S BADASS” moments that the Avengers footage seems to have in abundance. A few thoughts:

? Unlike previous footage, Batman actually shows up in the one, albeit only in the last 2/5ths.
? Bane has two lines, and he’s definitely more intelligible in the second of them. The first line took me a minute, but he’s saying “I am Gotham’s reckoning.” Hilariously, I still can’t understand what Christian Bale is saying immediately preceding that.
? Speaking of Batman’s voice, Bale actually sounds like he’s doing an impression of the Christian Bale Batman voice. It’s a little disconcerting.
? And speaking of voices in general, Bane sounds exactly — and I mean exactly — like Goldfinger from the James Bond movie.
? Bruce Wayne is sporting a beard for a bit. If Bruce Wayne quits being Batman for any period of time other than to heal, I’m going to be irritated. Spider-Man wonders if he should quit. Batman doesn’t. Ever.
? Last but not least, there is a lot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this trailer, a lot more than you’d expect for being a generic cop. I have a theory about who he’s playing (of a sort), but I’m going to put it after the jump on the off chance I’m right and it’s a spoiler.

My guess: Bruce Wayne either dies or quits at the end of Dark Knight Rises (probably quits), and JGL becomes the new Batman. JGL’s cop is not an established Bat-verse character, and yet he’s important enough in DKR that 1) Nolan hired JGL to play him and 2) he’s in the new trailer more than Batman. Plus, Nolan’s all about Batman more as an idea and symbol than a person, so Batman passing the cowl to someone new would wrap up that theme nicely. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m more okay with it than the idea of Bruce quitting being Batman because being Batman is hard.