The Dragons Aren’t Faring Too Well in the Dragon Age CG Movie

There are several things I don’t understand about this 6-minute clip from the CG Dragon Age anime movie Dawn of the Seeker.

? That must be a regular dragon and not an archdemon, right? Because I’m pretty no one can chain up an archdemon. Also, he goes down like a chump.
? Why do the Mana Bolts the mages fire sound like lasers from Star Wars?
? Why is the dude with the bad hat feeding that girl dragon blood? I know about darkspawn blood, and I assume archdemon blood would have the same taint, but does dragon blood do anything? Am I forgetting something?
? Is it that girl’s destiny to drink so much dragon blood she dies? Because that seems like a very lackluster destiny, and an even worse evil plan.
? How did that dude stab a dragon in the throat with a dull stick? (Via Anime News Network)