Topless Robot DC Meet-Up and Caption Contest

First! The Topless Robot Washington, DC Meet-up/Drink-up will be held tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, from 4-9pm at Mackey’s. If you’re in the DC area, I do hope you’ll stop by, since I’m moving in a couple of weeks.

Second! You may have noticed that I have not posted the Avengers Contest results yet. This is partially because I extended the contest because of those Disqus issues, but more because I’m moving in a couple of weeks. The results will go up Monday (hopefully). 
Third! Even though I absolutely have no business doing a contest this weekend, I hate the idea of not giving away my new awesome TR shirts two weeks in a row. So here’s the deal:

ahnuld forgives but doesn't forget.jpg

Caption Contest! Caption this pic! Three entries per person! The catch is that when I post results, I won’t be doing HMs, just winners (I might stick them at the end of the Avengers contest results, FYI). To enjoy the brilliance and hilarity of the Topless Roboteer legion, you’ll just have to go through the damn entries like I do.
So that’s that. Come to the meet-up! Forgive me for the delayed Avengers contest results! Enjoy this caption contest, which ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, May 14th! And for the love of all things good and holy, if you haven’t read today’s FFF yet, DON’T. That shit will wreck your whole weekend.