TR Contest: What the Hell Are You Going to Do with Your Collection?


Today’s contest was suggested by Eric Martin, and I thought it compelling enough a question that it had to be asked. When you die, what are you going to do with your shit? As a nerd, chances are you have at least one thing you collect — videogames, toys, RPG supplements, books, statues, whatever. Now, I would hope that most of us would try to give them to children in the family, or shelters, sell them and/or donate them to charities and libraries and whatever.

So the contest is this: What would you do with your collection if you had infinite resources and didn’t give a shit? What’s the craziest/coolest/most insane plan you have to deal with the material possessions you cannot leave behind? 
Like most TR contests, entries will be judged based on entertainment value, style, hilarity, insanity, or any combination thereof. Three entries per person, but there’s a catch — if you have more than one entry, they have to be about different collections. If you do one entry, you can write about what you’d do with your Magic cards, or all the nerd shit you own. If you do two or three entries, one can be on Magic cards, but the other two have to be about different, specific collections, like games or toys. You can’t write an entry about “all my stuff other than my Magic cards.” Make sense? I don’t know why I’ve decided to make this complicated, but you’d best pay attention to the rule if you want to win.
The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, August 27th. You scamps have a good weekend, and if you get in trouble, don’t expect the Justice League to help you. I hear they’re all partying with a 13-year-old.