Batman’s 842nd or So Dark Family Secret Revealed


Something spoiler-y happened in Scott Snyder’s Batman #10 comic, which came out yesterday. It’s also kind of awkward, but possibly more for fans than Bruce Wayne. At any rate, it’s after the jump.

Batman’s got a brother now! 


He’s evil, of course. Meet Thomas Wayne Jr., who Momma Wayne had prematurely when Bruce was little, covered up with a car accident story, and then stowed away in an orphanage to protect him from the Court of Owls while leaving Bruce to live in horrible danger and untold riches. Shockingly, this plan backfired when the Waynes died and the Court of Owls turned Tommy Jr. into a crazes Owl assassin anyways. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but Comics Alliance has more details.
One the one hand, Snyder’s Batman comics have been one of my favorites of the entire New 52. On the other hand, we just had Batman’s dad come back (kind of) in all the Grant Morrison stuff; plus I read Batwoman, which also had her long-lost twin sister come back at the villains; and really, I’m pretty much tired of sibling rivalry in my Bat-books. On a third, mysterious hand that came out of nowhere and appears to be attached to nothing, Snyder’s Court of Owls looked a helluva lot like Grant Morrison’s Black Glove stuff tom me at first, and it’s been awesome. So I don’t know. I’ll give it a chance, but if any more secret Waynes come out of the woodwork I might have to call it quits. I want to see Batman punching criminals in the dick, not holding involuntary family reunions.