First Five Minutes of Green Lantern: First Flight Is Sailor Moon-Riffic

DC/Warner Bros. is premiering the entirety of their next superhero DVD movie, Green Lantern: First Flight, at SDCC. I’m going to try and catch it, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to — however, it does look in good shape from this five-minute preview. The animation is nice, Christopher Meloni does a fantastic job as Hal, and Hal gets the ring within this preview, so it looks like their get the well-known origin story done quick, which I’m thoroughly pleased with.
One one thing is weird — and it’s not bad, per se, just really, really odd. When Hal first puts on the ring and gets his Green Lantern uniform, the transformation sequence is… well, it’s exactly like Sailor Moon. I mean, exactly. See for yourself:
Even down to the “ribbons” that become the clothes. Seriously, Hal is one scream of “Moon prism power” away from becoming Sailor Oa or something. (Via Comics Alliance)