BREAKING: Topless Robot Becomes Force of Good for One Brief, Shining Moment

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There’s a bit of regular nerd news I should probably be reporting on, but I’m preempting it for a bit of very special, highly personalized nerd news. Topless Roboteers Jamie Jackson and Aaron Dennis have gotten engaged, and it’s noteworthy because they first met on this very site. Love bloomed among the nerd rants, typos, and erotic fan fiction, my friends.

The real story is, of course, not that two people found love and someone to share their lives with, but that I personally was involved. Feel free to forward all congratulations to the happy couple to me, as I’m the one ultimately responsible for all of it. If I understand how this works, I believe they have to name all children they might have after me — you’re welcome, Rob and Roberta — and I think they have to tithe me or something. We’ll work of the details later.
In all seriousness, my utmost congratulations to Jamie and Aaron, and best of luck. As I told them earlier, it’s nice to think that Topless Robot has actually managed to do a little bit of good in this world. Of course, that still ends up totally one act of good to 200+ evil Fan Fiction Friday installments, but you gotta start somewhere, right?