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Remember how DC was oh-so-coyly teasing that a major, iconic new character that had yet to be introduced into the New 52 would suddenly be homosexual? Well, USA Today has revealed that character, and it’s…

Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern, who’s been like the fifth most important human Green Lantern for the last 50 years. But in case you’re still happy to have a new gay character in the DC universe, it should be noted that at the moment, Alan Scott will only be appearing in Earth-2, the comic and parallel universe, which has almost no bearing on the rest of the DCnU. I could joke about this, but I think I’m genuinely pissed. Seriously:
? First of all, the way DC spent an entire week teasing its “MAJOR NEW ICONIC GAY CHARACTER” was awful and exploitative and really, really annoying.
? Second, Alan Scott is not that iconic. In fact, I don’t think any non-comics fans even know who the fuck he is.
? Third, HE’S NOT EVEN GOING TO BE PART OF THE MAIN DC UNIVERSE. At least Marvel, has Northstar’s wedding taking place in the normal Marvel U.
As much as DC was randomly homosexuallizing a character for attention instead of any real stab at sexual equality, they actually had a chance to make a statement here, and instead I really think this is a massive cop-out — a cop-out made worse by how much DC promoted it like they were doing something at all “iconic.” I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, and maybe some of my gay readers are genuinely pleased. I hope so. I just don’t think so.