DVD Day: June 26th, 2012


? Wrath of the Titans

Man, I totally forgot this existed. I assume this means it wasn’t as offensively shitty as the first movie, but just mediocre enough to come out and make zero impact, either positive or negative. Did any of you poor souls see it? Can you confirm?
This is just some generic rom-com, but it’s how David Tennant has been passing his time since Fright Night, in case you’re interested.
The story of legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi as played by the equally legendary Toshiro Mifune. Criterion has given the trilogy a new HD transfer and put it on Blu-ray — man, I can’t wait to replace my DVDs. These are easily three of the finest non-Kurosawa-directed movies Japan has ever produced.
All 23 episodes of the 1971 Lupin TV series. It doesn’t have the insane fan service of the most recent Lupin anime, but many of the episodes were directed by a young Hayao Miyazaki, so I’d say that’s a more than even trade.
Rumor has it Marvel is also canceling Armored Adventures to release a new, more movie-inspired Iron Man cartoon. This does not make me feel this slightest bit less bitter about the Avengers cartoon’s cancellation.
The first of the Ator movies starring Miles O’Keefe. For those playing at home, the MST3K episode Cave Dwellers is the sequel to Fighting Eagle, meaning if you purchase this you will not be able to see the immortal scene where Ator’s assistant thong bats wildly at a creek in apparent hopes of slapping a fish.