Fan Fiction Friday: Harry Potter in “Slave to Mistresses”

Apologies for a short FFF today. For the record, feel free to send in more fan fics for potential mocking. I do have plenty, but you never know what will inspire me on any given day — for I am such an artiste — or at least motivate me enough so that I push through the pain and hate and self-loathing to write up one of these damn things. Today’s, it’s a little tale of Potter-pounding by author All_knowing. Although if he is omniscient, you’d think his spelling would be a little better.

Harry Potter was walking up to the room of requirement as
per his mistresses’ instructions. Besides his school robes and normal clothing
underneath to not draw suspicion to himself he had a small cock ring around his
? inch thick and two inch long cock. 

Chances the author measured an AA battery for Harry’s penis size: 1 in 1.000000002
Around his extra small cock was a pair of
extremely girly “Hello Kitty” baby panties that were enlarged just for him by
his mistress Hermione. 
Why not just get adult women’s Hello Kitty panties? They make plenty of them, you know. Save Hermione a spell, at least.
On his ass was an extra large butt plug designed to
stretch the ass to inhuman proportions. Under normal circumstances his
mistresses would tell him what to wear and when to wear it but today was
something special that got his extra small cock extremely hard. He had no idea
what they had planed but he knew it would result in a lot of pleasure.
You know, for having an enormous buttplug tearing his anus apart, Harry is oddly optimistic about the day’s festivities. Let’s see if he’s right, shall we?

When Harry entered the room of requirement he was greeted
with a site only submissive males get greeted by. 

Sigh. That would actually be a reasonably clever pun if it had been at all intentional.

His three mistresses plus one
creature each had a strap-on dildo charmed to produce semen. His first mistress,
Hermione, had her hair in a tight bun in the back with a fairly large pink
strap-on dildo. 

Wait, she’s using a magic strap-on to keep her hair in a bun? Or is she wearing a strap-on in addition to the one in her bun? I’m so confused.

By the looks of it, it was about eight inches long and two
inches think. His second mistress, Cho Chang, had a black seven and a half inch
long and a two and one half inch thick penis. Out of his three mistresses;
Ginny, whose hair was back in a pony tail, had the biggest at eight and a half
inches long and two and a half inches thick. 


Despite his cock ring he had on he
came in anticipation of what was to come when he saw the large hypigriph dick
fully erected pointing right at him.

Is the “hypigriph” also wearing a magic strap-on, or is it just male? If it’s going to ejaculate semen either way, does it really matter? You know, this is actually a surprisingly philosophical question for a fan fic about Harry getting raped by a lion-eagle.

Hermione noticed the clear wet stain starting at top of his
pants and spreading downward. Thinking quickly Hermione walked sensually over
to Harry and connected her strong leg to his balls just destroying any chance
at having a kid as a male. It was not like any of the mistresses would let such
a small dick even enter them in the first place.

Then why even put the cock ring on him? 

Hermione looked down hard at Harry and said “Strip bitch
except for the parties.”

Deciding to obey his mistress he striped down and let his
mistress passion him in whatever passion they wanted. Mistress Ginny started to
squat down with her cunt in his face. “Swallow everything I give to you bitch.”

Harry opened his mouth and Ginny let out a golden stream
into his mouth with a fever unlike anything the girls have ever seen. When
Ginny was done with the golden stream she lifted her hips up and put her
rosebud in his face and craped all over Harry’s face and neck.

I know the author means “crapped,” but wouldn’t it be so much greater if he’d meant “cr?ped”? “Ginny put a light batter over Harry’s face, then garnished it with strawberries and whipped cream.”

Actually, that sounds filthier than “crapped.” Huh. 

Not even bothering to wipe the crap off of his face Cho poisoned
Harry with his ass in the air and his face on the ground. 

Well, that seems a little extreme, Cho. 

Slowly Cho pulls the
little girl panties off from his ass and she starts to move the butt-plug centimeter
by centimeter. Cho seemed to be getting a satisfaction from the removal of the
extra large plug. Before she completely removed the plug she nodded to the
other girls who nodded back. They each knew what was coming for Harry and they
knew it was time to make him a her.

Alas, the poison had seeped through Harry’s system, and his heart went into arrhythmic shock. He died with his testicles crushed, his face covered in feces, and his ass in the air. So, to make a long story short, Voldemort won and everybody died. NICE GOING, GIRLS.

Spreading his legs wide they liberally coated pheromones all
around his ass and Cho went to free the beast. By now the hypagriphs veins on
it’s cock were throbbing getting ready to take this strange male like creature.
Pressing its beak against Harry’s ass to see if it was a female, seemingly satisfied
with the female sent coming from Harry’s ass the hypagriph mounted Harry and
began to hump him.

I was about to ask where the girls got “hypagriph” vaginal secretions, but then I remembered Hagrid. Like that dude would have a problem fingerbanging a hippogryph. Hermione probably didn’t even have to ask him to do it. He probably already had it on a shelf somewhere. 

Soon enough Harry was crying out in pleasure from the big
beast’s cock going in and out of his well stretched ass. Soon enough he felt
the big bird like things cock expand in his ass and it relieved its white
sticky load. 


The beast didn’t seem done with Harry’s ass and began with a new
vigior. Between the moans Harry was thanking his mistresses for such a
wonderful cock.

When the beast was completely spent he removed his cock from
Harry’s ass and the three Mistresses began to fuck him till he was just a pile
of jelly. By the end of the night Harry was completely covered in cum and still
sucking Hermione’s cock.

Don’t these kids have any studying to do? Christ.

Hermione spoke to him saying “I know how much you like cum
so we girls have decided to make you a woman. It will be after graduation but you
will carry one of our babies. You have till graduation to decide who you will
be the slave to.”

“Can I pick the hippogryph? He’s the only one that doesn’t kick me in the junk and shit on my face.”

Harry seemed to be overjoyed that the prospect of the transformation
and easily made Hermione blow her load into his mouth. After graduation
happened, Harry chose Hermione to be his main mistress but the other girls
came over every now and then to fuck Harriet.