Fan Fiction Friday: Teela and Evil-Lyn in “The Greatest Journey”


Today’s story comes to us from Victor2K. It’s a pseudo-sequel to his much lengthier epic “Sappho Comes to Eternia,” but I’m pretty sure the title tells you pretty much everything you need to know. Suffice it to say, Skeletor’s henchwoman Evil-Lyn captures Teela and then they have sex and fall in lust with each other. And since all homosexuals have voracious sexual appetites and a total inability to be monogamous, they decide to go on a Tour of Eternia’s Great Vaginas, essentially. It is here where this story begins…

It was a bad decision to leave their homes. Too bad that one would see it as cutting the “umbilical cord” that linked those women to their roles into Eternia war between Good and Evil. They wanted more than that.

They wanted… POONTANG.

Since the meeting in the cave, Evil-Lyn and Teela had gotten closer than they ever thought, even if they had to hide it in favor of the battle between good and evil. But usually they would come to get away from the war scene and enjoy each other’s bodies. And since then, they made up their minds: to take a break and travel around the world.

Which is what they did. Without giving too many excuses to their trustees, both girls went to travel Eternia, not just to get along with each other without constraints. There were other reasons for that, and the main one was finding as many women they could and enjoy sexual experiences with them.

Yes, the famous March of the Lesbians! It begins in earnest after the jump.

After a quick rest and a quick sixty-nine, both women sat close to their campfire and planned their trip. Teela was angry about being almost one month into the trip, but without any “ambushed pussy”.


“Ambushed pussy”? That sounds like the world’s worst D&D monster. 

“I never thought that it would be so hard to find someone.”

“Never said it was going to be easy.” Evil-Lyn replied.

“But we’ve been wandering around this place for like…a month? I thought we would meet some women to play with us,” the redhead said, somehow worried.

“You realize we’re on Eternia, right? The only other woman on the planet besides us is the Sorceress, and I’m pretty sure she’s your mom.”

“Huh. You know, maybe we didn’t think this Lesbian Quest through.”

“Why are you so worried? I’m not enough woman for you” The villainess asked, feeling offended

“No, it’s not that. It’s…well, I like you and I love when we get together, but I want to do what we set out to do. You know, ‘the stuff'”, Teela explained.

You know, I usually like to keep the status of Bad Lesbian to those purported lesbians who somehow crave male penises, which seem to abound in fan fics. However, I think that if you ever call lesbianism “the stuff,” you are also a Bad Lesbian, just in a very different way.

“Well, I believe we are on the right path. Soon we will get into some panties”, said Evil-Lyn, before French kissing Teela.

Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to suspect that this story wasn’t written by a woman.

Since their little chat, it didn’t take too long for the duo to find what they most wanted: women. The next installments of this story will show, women by women, how Teela and Evil-Lyn used their lust to have sex with them and make those women their ‘bitches’.

Thank you for the update, Mr. Third-Person Omniscient Narrator.

Enough with the prologue. Now, we’re moving into the good stuff.


A blonde one was the first victim of the duo’s lust. They found her in a small village not much farther from where they were. She was in a river nearby bathing herself, which tempted Evil-Lyn and Teela, who watched the scene from a safe distance.

Kareel is actually a Masters of the Universe character who showed up for one episode of the original cartoon, so the author clearly did his research.

Into MOTU, I mean. Not lesbianism.

They first met “accidentally” at the village, as Teela bumped into Kareel while she and Evil-Lyn were walking by. The blonde girl recognized Teela at once. Teela introduced Kareel to Evil-Lyn, who smiled wickedly when she saw the lustful body of the blonde girl on her pink dress.

After a little small talk, Kareel invited both women to her house, where they had a meal and spent the night. The next day, Kareel decided to take another bath on the river, since it was warm. Teela and Evil-Lyn followed her and on the way, they started to trace the plan.

“How should we proceed with this one?” Evil-Lyn asked

“Easy. I think some compliments about her body will be the key to her ass”, the redhead explained.

“And how do we do it without scaring off her?” The evil woman said, wanting to know more about the plan

“Well, first off, no one say anything about ‘the key to her ass’ in front of her, that’s for sure.”

“Relax, honey. If you follow me, she’ll be all ours.”

Reaching the river, Kareel started undressing. Since she was used to taking outdoor baths, she asked Evil-Lyn and Teela if they didn’t like taking off their clothes front of each other, to which they said no. After the trio striped down, they enjoyed the water soaking their juicy bodies.

After a few minutes, Teela smiled and felt it was time to “attack the prey.” She turned to Evil-Lyn and made the sign meaning the time was now. 

Chances that “the sign” involved Teela putting a finger on either side of her mouth then wiggling her tongue obscenely: 110%

Teela splashed water on Kareel. The blonde girl reacted with a “hey!” and a splash of her own. But as the redhead seemed fond of that, she turned to Evil-Lyn and splashed her. The trio went on in a water war.

Chances that everything the author knows about lesbianism he learned from Cinemax After Dark: 1,000,000,000%

The “war” turned serious as they stopped to throw it on each other and started to pour water on Kareel, like they were giving her a bath. The next step was the chance to win her.

But isn’t she taking a bath? Can you pretend to give someone a bath when she’s actually taking a bath?

“Girl, you have a nice body. Let me pour some on your breasts” Teela said, on verge of a “horny as hell” state. Evil-Lyn was using her hands to rub Kareel’s back and butt.

“Yes, Kareel, let me pour some of your body on your breasts while we pretend to give you a bath while you bathe. IT MAKES SENSE, DAMMIT.”

” Eerr…I don’t know if what you are doing is okay, but” Kareel was interrupted with Teela kissing her lips and Evil-Lyn kissing her neck.


After the kiss, Teela smiled, much to astonishment of Kareel.

“But we just made Jesus cry! How can you be smiling?!”

“What the hell did you just do?” She asked.

“Girl, you’ve just been lesbianated!”

“We won’t lie to you. We found you very attractive. Teela and I want to have sex with you, Kareel”, Evil-Lyn explained.

So “the plan” was for Teela to kiss her, Evil-Lyn to touch her butt, and then for them both to directly request sex? Hell, Ray and Egon’s Ghostbusters plan was more complex than that.

“Yes. You will be the kick-off on our Eternian Lesbian Discovery Tour. You should be proud of it”, Teela added.

“Well, you do make it sound like quite an honor.”

“Well, I don’t know if I can get proud of this. I just don’t think this is the…” Kareel said before Teela interrupted.
“This is the right time to have sex, Kareel. We heard a few things about you around the village and your ?fame'”,

“Fame? Oh, come on! Those bitches are just jealous because I like it both ways. And again, I don’t think that this is the right place” The blonde girl said, much for surprise of the two lovers. They had heard that Kareel liked to have some dirty fun with both sexes from time to time.

Wait, so Kareel is already bisexual and a slut? Then why did Teela and Evil-Lyn need a plan at all? And why did Kareel not understand when Teela kissed her? Did she suddenly forget what lesbianism was? And who did they hear about Kareel’s sexploits from? She’s the only person they’ve talked to! ARRGH

“Well, well, I’m always right when I say there is no na?ve women on this world,” Evil-Lyn stated for Teela and Kareel’s amusement.

Teela and Kareel were amused at Evil-Lyn’s horribly incorrect grammar, I presume.

“Well, if you want so…”Teela brought the subject

“I know a place that’s not that far” Kareel said, so the girls got out of the lake. They followed Kareel to a house where the action could take place.

It was called the Lesbian Shed, and was built just for this sort of thing.

“God, this is so hot! I want it all! I want to fuck you both!”, Kareel said as she French kissed Teela on a bed while Evil-Lyn was behind her squeezing the blonde girl’s breasts. All three were naked and wet. The redhead used her hands to masturbate, feeling pleased on the success of the mission of bringing her “prey” to “mate”. Evil-Lyn was smiling wickedly to see Kareel being kissed by Teela. After the kiss, the redhead heroine asked Kareel to open her legs and show her pussy, which was covered with a blonde path of pubic hair. “Not much, but that won’t hurt the mission.” thought Teela.

Thumbnail image for picard-facepalm.jpg

As Ram-Man is my witness, I have absolutely no idea what any of this means. Isn’t the mission to get pussy? Haven’t they just “achieved” Kareel’s pussy? How does Kareel’s pubic hair possibly affect anything? 

The redhead then dove her head on the blonde girl’s pussy and started to use her tongue to massage the labia of her new found lover.



Kareel screamed with pleasure. Then, Evil-Lyn kissed her passionately, finding what Teela was doing very kinky.

WARNING: The following section is very hard to read. Not because it’s so graphic, and certainly not because it’s so erotic, but because it is the most painfully, embarrassingly obvious 13-year-old boy’s interpretation of lesbian sex that has ever existed. Seriously, there’s no way this whole scene wasn’t written during geometry class.

“This pussy is so wet. I think I can let you give a try, Evil-Lyn” Teela smiled.

“Thanks, but now, I want those breasts”, the evil woman answered. Then she used her tongue to lick Kareel’s breast and nipples giving more pleasure to the girl.

“Ohh yes! Lick me you twooohhh”

Teela dug deep down with her mouth and tongue, exploring every part of the young girl’s vagina. Kareel was very pleased with each touch of Teela’s tongue, asking for more;

“Ohhh…lick my pussy, Teela…ohh…ahhh”

“Your pussy is hot, Kareel. I think I could lick you all day long. Damn.”

“Go on, do it! Lick me all you want…ooooh…I am so weeet.” The girl moaned between every word.

“This is ‘the stuff’!” exclaimed Teela.

“I love ‘stuff’ like this!” added Evil-Lyn.

“What the fuck are you two talking about?” asked Kareel.

Teela proceeded to please Kareel, but Evil-Lyn withdrew from Kareel breasts and went to help her lover, by eating her pussy by behind.

“UUhhhh,…Lyn….Ohhh….Yes….. This is what I-uhh..needed” Teela squealed.

Their position lasted a while, as Evil-Lyn tasted a bit of Teela and the redhead orally pleased Kareel. Next, was Evil-Lyn on the blonde girl’s, pussy, licking with the head under her crotch and Teela kissing and squeezing her ass.

Evil-Lyn had a head under her crotch? That’s an unsettling image.

“Eat my pussy, you nasty. Eat me…uhhh…fuck me raw….ohh” Kareel screamed with each touch of the villainess’ tongue and lips. Teela smiled with the use of vocabulary and started to slap the ass of Kareel.







Teela was surprise with the reaction the blonde girl.

“Please, don’t…yes..ohh.. stop. I love when my-iiahh…my ass gets slapped. Don’t…uh…stop.”

“You’re a fucking nasty girl, don’t you?” The redhead girl asked.

“Hey, I just like a little spanking. I didn’t ask you to piss in my mouth or anything. Chill out.”

“Yes!” Kareel replied, “I…oh….I’m a fucking nasty girl…ohh…a fucking, fucking…ohh..nasty girl”

“So, you deserve more!” Teela shouted and slapped her harder, but she made sure not to hurt the girls’ buttcheeks. It was deeply arousing to watch her lover take care of Kareel’s most intimate parts with her mouth, and the blonde girl beg for oral action and spanking. It was too much.

Yeah, I’m just overwhelmed with eroticism. /looks at watch, sighs

“Ok, now I need to get some of this!”, said the redhead. Teela stopped slapping and move to place her crotch in front of Kareel’s mouth, where she demanded to “be serviced.”

“You scream too much.” Teela said, “Let’s shut you up for a while. Please me!”

Kareel smelled the strong fragrance of the redhead warrior’s cunt and proceeded to lick it. Her expertise in pleasing girls was soon proved when Teela began to moan.

Little did Teela and Evil-Lyn know that Kareel was secretly the newest Master of the Universe, LESBOR?!


Kareel alternated between slow, but intense tongue strokes into Teela’s pussy and moans from Evil-Lyn’s intense licking, which now was joined with ass-fingering when the white-haired witch placed one of the fingers inside the bunghole of the blonde girl. 

Double facepalm 2.jpg

Bunghole? Really? Seriously, kid, just finish your history homework. And if you get a 3.0 this semester, I’ll let you search “lesbian three-way” on Pornhub or something. You have a lot to learn.

The threesome was intense as ever when Kareel stopped licking Teela, but started going a little faster each time. The redhead’s swollen clitoris was a perfect place for her newfound lover play with the tip of the tongue, leaving Teela bursting in joy.

“Yahhhhhh…. where did you learn to lick so gooood?”, asked Teela between pleasure sounds.

“Actually, Tung Lashor taught me.”

“Those girls you talked to have delicious and juicy cunts”, answered Kareel, tasting the juices from the redhead.

Those girls they talked to who don’t exist and weren’t mentioned at all? Gotcha. I’m glad you ment this, because I was very curious about the vaginal status of these non-existent characters.

Evil-Lyn kept licking the blonde girl non-stop but soon she felt that she was somehow neglected in the three-way. Teela certainly noticed, as the vilainess used her free hand to please herself.

“If you want to have a ‘hand’, I can give you more than that”, commented the redhead in a slightly wicked way.

“If you want so, sweetie…’, said Lyn. She stopped eating Kareel, a slight disappointment from her, but Teela’s pussy was enough to entertrain her. After a little accomodation, the vilainess now had her crotch at Teela’s face while the amazon was sitting with her legs wide open and Kareel eating her. While the other two were on the floor, Lyn was in the bed, but positioned close enough to let Teela do her.


“Ahhhh…..Come on Teela Baby!”


Teela licked Evil-Lyn with the experience of being her lover for a quite long time. Her lover was entertained enough by doing her and also being serviced by Kareel’s constant lapping at her slit. The pleasure mounted each second they went on doing that.


“Yesss! Eat my pussy!”

Is anyone full of pussy yet? Anyone? Pretty please?

That configuration kept up for a while. Later, after small switching of positions, Kareel was targeting the villainess’s cunt. Teela, on her instance, loved to watch Evil-Lyn do what was usual to them: lick the redhead’s slit. She alternated between long and deep brushes with quick laps around the clit.

“Who knew that blondie was such a machine?” commented Evil-Lyn between moans.

The dozens of non-existent lesbians you talked to earlier that weren’t ever mentioned, I guess.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!” said Kareel, who went as deep as she could to give the white-haired witch the oral pleasure she demanded. The scream of delight that came from Evil-Lyn was far from “normal”, but the women made the effort to do it enough to not wake up the people and bring in a lot of controversy.


The night seemed still young, and the girls surely enjoyed every minute of it. The escalade of pleasure wasn’t close to stopping. Kareel was brought into several erotic games, one of them was switch between cunts of both Teela and Evil-Lyn while the sweet couple was kissing each other and fondling their breasts. 

Yeah, it doesn’t sound like much of a game until you learn that Evil-Lyn stuck a Pop-o-Matic bubble up her twat first.

The redhead also got time to play, being blindfolded by Evil-Lyn and being subjected to many hands, groping, kissing, and licking by the other two girls, who used honey on the body of the sexy amazon. The evil sorceress also had her time to join the naughty deviation, as Teela used the honey to cover her cunt and lick it all. Something she wanted to do for long time.

Weird thought: Does honey on Eternia come from Buzz-Off? Because that makes things far more unsettling to me.

Debauchery ensued through the night, and the girls didn’t wanted to waste time on doing it. Soon, waves of climax were about to hit them all and wet the trio with a sensation of bliss.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhh! I am so close Teela!

“Me too Lyn! Me too!”

“Ooooohhhh…. you toooo!”

Kareel, Evil-Lyn and Teela were capable to hold a orgasm for a few minutes, but that much pleasure can’t be held off, and when they reached the high point…




Bursts of love juices, even more than when they had just been plain licking, shot from their vaginas. 

The faucets of their vaginas were turned on, and could not be turned off.

The three girls drank it like it was water, making sure that their mouths and faces would get as sticky as they could with each other’s cum. 

Kareel, unprepared for the flood, drowned in Teela and Evil-Lyn’s vaginal lubricant. The coroner proclaimed it was “death by combination stupidity/perversity.”

After the orgasm, the three girls collapsed and slept right on the floor, with Kareel in the middle of the sexy duo. The blonde girl surely dreamt about that night, and more.


“But do you really need to go?” asked Kareel, upon seeing Teela and Evil-Lyn getting into their vehicle.

“Sorry, Kareel. We liked what happened yesterday, but our ‘research’ has to continue and we need to check more ‘cases'”, explained Teela.

Teela and Evil-Lyn in The Undiscovered Cunt-ry

“You used me! How could you!” protested the blonde girl.

“We slept with you for one night and you liked when we came out here. We wish to stay one more day or two, but we have to do our duty…” said the redhead.

“And you two will fuck other girls and see if they are better than me? So, is that it? I am a measure of how someone can do you?”

“Hey, hey — what part of Eternian Lesbian Discovery Tour did you not understand?”

“Please, Kareel, understand! We like you and our sex was good. But now we gotta check other stuff, visit other shores, you know… Me and Lyn loved you and I’m sure that the three of us will meet again,” Teela said to confort an almost enraged Kareel.

“And when we say ‘loved,’ we obviously mean ‘fucked.'”

“How do I know that is true?” asked the girl.

“Everyone knows lesbians can’t lie, silly! Just like we can’t tell time and have to sleep standing up.”

“Give this to her, Teela!” Evil-Lyn said, inside the vehicle, throwing a piece of gold to her lover, who proceeded to hand it to Kareel.

“What is it?”

“It’s a magical item that turns you from a slut into a prostitute.”

“Soon you will know, my dear. Now, let’s just say that you are one of ‘ours'”, explained Teela, before kissing Kareel and saying goodbye to her. And as the jet went through the skies, with Kareel waving to the women, she knew that she won the night. And soon they would meet indeed again.

THE END. Of Chapter One. There may be more on the way eventually, but I doubt that I’ll be able to handle another chapter of this gibberish. Hell, I’ve seen envelope licking machines that were more erotic than this story. I guess I’ll never know the mystery of potentially magic gold coin they gave Kareel, but since it was probably just a Cunnilingus Merit Badge, I imagine I’ll survive.