Hollywood Finally Gets Serious About @#$%ing Up a Snow Crash Movie


From Deadline:

Joe Cornish, who has been offered a ton of projects since his alien invasion breakthrough film Attack The Block, has been set to write and direct the Neal Stephenson novel Snow Crash. The book has just been reacquired by Paramount Pictures, with Kathleen Kennedy and Kennedy/Marshall producing.
Well, shit. I don’t really have any problems with Joe Cornish trying to direct a Snow Crash movie — I thought most of Attack the Block‘s problems were in the script, not the direction — but given Paramount’s recent track record of fucking up everything just as hard as they can possibly fuck it, I’d say we’re in for quite the disaster if this thing actually gets made. Which is a shame, because 1) Snow Crash is a great, great book, and 2) it’s not at all unfilmable. But I find it unlikely that Paramount, with its recent troubles, will give a relatively new director more than $100 million to make a movie based on a cult favorite book, and we’ll end up getting something utterly generic and banal like Constantine or Aeon Flux or any of their countless ilk. I would be delighted to be wrong, however.