LET’S DO THIS! Michael Bay Ninja Turtle Art Contest


Wanna score yourself a gray T-shirt with the above logo on it? Sure you do. It’s free.

Okay, so…earlier today, we found written descriptions of what, supposedly, the new movie Ninja Turtles, April, Splinter and Shredder will look like. But no pictures.

MAKE ME THE PICTURES. In any medium (no animation or animated gifs, though – static images only. You can sculpt, but the submission will be the photo of your sculpt.). You can draw up a movie poster, a scene from the movie, a rendering of the potential toys in package…it just has to include at least one of the characters as described in that article. Then post it below in comments.

Obligatory contest rules & stuff: you must be a registered commenter with an email address on your profile. I have NO mens XL shirts, and limited L/XXL. If you choose a men’s or women’s SMALL, you have the option of the old-style shirt with the robot on it. Enter as often as you like: I will pick TWO winners, but both of them could theoretically be the same person.

Contest ends Monday at noon. Get drawing!