Michael Bay’s Non-Teenage, Non-Mutant Alien Ninja Turtle-Like Beings Movie Just Got @#$%canned


Well, Paramount just got one thing right. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Paramount Pictures has shut down a planned reboot of the Ninja Turtles franchise, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The effects-heavy film, which was in pre-production in Vancouver, was set for release in December 2013. That date is being pushed to May 2014, according to sources. 
The issue is said to be the script. Paramount has delayed several big movies from this year to 2013, including G.I. Joe: Retribution and Brad Pitt’s World War Z, leaving it with a spotty pipeline for the current year. Now it has halted work on its planned holiday movie for 2013, temporarily laying off pre-production staff and informing those prepping the film that the work stoppage is “indefinite,” according to sources. Another source close to the production says the movie has been pushed 10 weeks. 
A Paramount rep would not immediately comment.
Fuck and yes. Of course, this isn’t a cure-all; Michael Bay and his production company are still involved, and there’s no reason why the next script will feature the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as teenage, mutants, ninjas, or turtles, if the last one didn’t. On the other hand, staving off evil for just a little while is more than reason enough to celebrate late on a Friday afternoon. Pass me my Thor! And infinite thanks to Doctor Oddfellow for the tip!