Movie News Trifecta: Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Popeye


? Marvel just filed a shit-ton of trademarks for Guardian of the Galaxy-themed merchandise, up to and including inflatable children’s furniture. Sounds like a big-budget movie to me. (Via Blastr)

? James Cameron is shooting three — count ’em, threeAvatar sequels simultaneously. I got a peek at the scripts for all three, and they only contain four words: “Miltary worse, trees gooder.” Not sure how that’s going to carry a trilogy, frankly. (Via /Film)

? Genndy Tartakovsky is going to direct a CG Popeye cartoon, which makes sense because  the character is so popular nowadays and people love unintelligible sailors with massive calcium deposits in their forearms and OH GOD PLEASE JUST PUT HIM IN CHARGE OF CLONE WARS AGAIN (Via Geeks of Doom