The Walking Dead Just Got a Sweet Ride

I’m kind of baffled I’m writing this, but here goes: Hyundai, the car manufacturer, just teamed up with The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman to design a car for the zombie apocalypse. The car will be shown off at SDCC, and The Walking Dead‘s 100th issue will have some kind of Hyundai Elantra contest, too. If the car will actually make it into the comic proper is unknown to me, although you can see it drawn in a few comic panels in the above video — they might just be promo art, though. And no one’s said anything about Lori crashing a new Elantra on one of her many attempts to find Carl after he’s left the house on the TV series, either.

While it’s a super-weird promotion for a car company to do, bully for Hyundai for having the balls to appeal to the younger nerds who read comics instead of… the people everyone else advertises to. Honestly, there are worse reasons for buying a car than “I saw it in a comic book.” My only problem is that Hyundai dropped the ball with their hashtag “Hyundaiundead.” Come on, people! “Hyundead!” It’s so obvious! (Via Robot 6)