There Have Been 25 Minutes Worth of Amazing Spider-Man Footage Released So Far, and Here They Are (in Order)

Seeing as I haven’t even run half the Amazing Spider-Man trailers, TV spots and clips I’ve seen on Topless Robot, I was not at all surprised to discover that 25 full minutes of footage from the movie has been released to promote said movie. That’s 25 out of the movie’s entire run-time of 136 minutes — more than 18%. I was, however, surprised to learn that someone tracked down all this footage, and edited it chronologically into one not totally incomprehensible 25-minute shortened version of the movie, although I find it hilarious. For the record, five minutes of this video is not just repeat footage of the “SMALL KNIVES” joke. I know! I was shocked too! 

Incidentally, my favorite part of this is that Sony is desperately trying to take the video down everywhere. DUDES. YOU’RE THE ASSHOLES WHO RELEASED ALL THIS FOOTAGE. YOU WANTED US TO SEE THIS SHIT. It’s nobody’s fault but yours. (Via Nerd Bastards)