Geek Apparel of the Week: Death Star2, Uncharted, Agent Coulson Lives


? I can’t remember if I’ve seen this particular mash-up before, or if I’m just thinkg of all the other Death Star mash-ups. Either way, it’s a great, striking image for a nerdy shirt — it’s $22 at 604 Republic.


? Perennial tipster SlyDante alerted me to the online apparel store of one Hoborobo. Let me tell you that the Uncharted shirt above is not his best shirt, but it’s possibly his most clever. Seriously, I’m just blown away with how simple and brilliant this is — something I never could’ve imagined myself saying about an Uncharted tee. This shirt is $25 here, but you can check out his other designs here.


? I think nothing more need be said. $25 at We Love Fine.