Non-SDCC News Trifecta: World War Z, Lobo, Injustice

Shockingly, there are things that happened in places other than the San Diego Comic Con. Once you’ve recovered your monocle, which certainly popped off your face in shock at this truth, read on.

? The World War Z movie is apparently so fucked that star Brad Pitt refuses to speak to director Marc Forster. God, I just love debacles. (Via Blastr)
? The Rock says the rumors of the Rock maybe possibly playing Lobo in a live-action movie are true. So… it’s true that he might possibly play Lobo. Of course, since DC/WB has already promised there would be no DC movies other than Man of Steel between now and 2015, I wouldn’t start any fan pages just yet. 
? Since Injustice has been my biggest pleasant surprise from the con, it would be rude of me not to share this 15-minute gameplay video narrated by Ed Boon just because it actually came out a week ago at EVO 2012. Enjoy.