Random Casting News Trifecta: Captain America 2, The Wolverine, Hunger Games


? Captain America: The Winter Soldier just hired its first new cast member. Anthony Mackle will play the Falcon. Which means the Falcon will be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Huh. I wasn’t expecting that.

? Jessica Biel has been asked to play Viper in the Wolverine sequel cleverly titled The Wolverine, a character who just happens to be Madame Hydra. I doubt we’ll get any mention of HYDRA in Wolverine — no doubt Viper will only be played as a sexy/evil femme fatale — but man, I’d love to see Biel show up in Avengers 2 as a stone-cold villainess and HYDRA commander. Won’t happen, though. (Via The AV Club)
? Amanda Plummer, who has played many of the great crazy movie characters of our time, has been cast as the crazy Hunger Games participant Wiress in Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire. Now that’s just smart casting! (Via EW)