The Simple Joys of Nerd-dom: And the Results Are…


One thing I didn’t mention during my Dark Knight Rises review is how it felt to watch the movie. The answer: Not always good. Whenever Bane and his thugs would walk into a crowd firing their machine guns, I couldn’t help but think of the Aurora tragedy, and it formed a pit in my stomach. I’m sure there are more than a few people who had to walk out during the movie, and maybe there will be some that can never enjoy it. I wouldn’t blame any of them.

This, obviously, does not begin to compare to the pain the friends and families of the victimes are going through now, but our sadness does not help them. You know what helps them? Blood. The Denver area still desperately needs blood; if you’re in Colorado, here’s a list of places to donate. And if you’re anywhere near a blood donation center, please give. Your donation will help someone, somewhere.
I say all this because last weekend’s contest — in which you wonderful, wonderful people banded together to remind everyone of the million tiny happinesses nerds get to experience that no one else does — went a long way in making me feel better, and I hope it did you. There has never been a contest where I wished I could give a shirt to every single person who entered, all 700 of you. Since I thought every single entry was valid — how could they not be? — I felt doing Honorable Mentions was inappropriate, but here are the five randomly chosen winners: Sanriostar, Kris Knibbler, J-Units, Rachel McDonald and Brando Lars
Thank you, everyone who entered. Thanks to Curt Franklin and Chris Haley of Let’s Be Friends Again for the wonderful comic above, which I stole only because I don’t think there’s a more fitting image to encapsulate the nerd response to this tragedy.
And thanks to everyone who helped remind us that while there may be evil in this world, but there’s so much more good. Now go give some blood, seriously.