SDCC Misc.: Legend of Korra, Street Fighter, Thor 2, Etc.

korra you gotta deal with it.jpg

? The Legend of Korra just got renewed for a third season — and a double order at that. That means the show will end up being 52 episodes, and the third season will likely be broken down into Books 3 and 4, according to Entertainment Weekly.

? Super 7 is going to make Shogun Warriors-style Transformers figures. Meaning a two-foot-tall Optimus Prime who might very possibly be able to fire his fists. Fuck and yes.
? Capcom has ordered a multi-part live-action Street Fighter series (probably web) from the guys who did the awesome Street Fighting Legacy short. Neat. (Via Destructoid)
? Mads Mikkleson has dropped out as the main villain of Thor 2. Oh well. (Via Geeks of Doom)
? Last but not least, Rhianna Pratchett — as in the daughter of Terry — has been hired to write the story for the Tomb Raider reboot game where Lara crashes on an island and learns to raid tombs or whatever. Since the game has gotten a lot of flack for being potentially, er, rapey, bringing in a female author to take over the narrative seems like a good move to me. (Via Destructoid)