SDCC: The CW Fires Its First Green Arrow Clip

And speaking of DC heroes with bad attitudes, here’s a clip from the CW’s upcoming Green Arrow series, in which Oliver Queen does a bit of parkour, is miraculously not hit by several hundred bullets, and then straight up kills a dude in cold blood.

Personally, I’m fine with the killing, if only so the show doesn’t have to spend all its time trying to figure out ways for Ollie to non-lethally dispatch foes when he’s basically firing very sharp sticks at their throats. And while it may be against his comic character, it helps set Arrow apart from Smallville, which is also fine with me. Really, I have more problem with the bullet thing — that thug was shooting at Ollie from like 10 feet away with an automatic weapon. Unless he’s moonlights as a Stormtrooper, there’s no way he shouldn’t have missed. (Via The Mary Sue)