SDCC: The Fringe Team Makes the Fringe Events in the New Season of Fringe (Fringe!)

It’s sad there’s only one more season of Fringe to go, but the plus side is that without the need to try to appeal to a broader audience, the show is now free to go as batshit insane as… well, as Walter is. This trailer for season 5 indicates the show will take place entirely in the Observer-controlled future, as seen in season 4’s flash-forward episode. Having Astrid and Leonard Nimoy back (seriously, Leonard Nimoy does not understand what “retired” means, and I hope no one tells him) is great, but if you’ve been watching the show regularly, hearing Peter say “Maybe we should cause some Fringe events of our own” is not only spectacularly badass, but is a wonderful inversion of what the basic premise of the show has been. Again, it’s sad Fringe is ending, but it’s clearly going to end with a bang… of anti-matter.