SDCC Toy Trifecta: Battle Beasts, Masters of the Universe, Whatever the Hell Mattel’s DC Line Is Called Now


? One of the best toy reveals at SDCC was Diamond Select’s Battle Beasts Mini-Mates, and I’ve been waiting for someone to put together a decent gallery to showcase them (as I am far too lazy). Thankfully, TR contributor Adam Pawlus came to the rescue; you can check out all the new figures — which look outstanding — here.


? And if you want to know what Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics reveals were, Poe Ghostal has the best round-up. As a horrible, horrible MotU nerd, I have so much I could complain about, but I will say the Jitsu figure is fantastic, and Castle Grayskullman — the fan-designed, create-a-character contest-winner shown above — is my favorite new figure in the MOTUC line. I want to party with this dude. Now all I have to do is wonder how Mattel’s Chinese factory will misassembled the figures.


? The bonuses for Mattel’s DC Universe Infinite Earths subscription are the awesome Brain and Monsieur Mallah figures you see above. They’re awesome, but not so awesome I would commit to the entire DC sub for them (even if I weren’t going to be paying $500 plus a ridiculous amount of shipping for my MOTUC sub). Since the “meter” necessary to make the line even happen is only a tiny, tiny bit full immediately after SDCC, I’m guessing no one’s going to get them. ToyNewsI has pics of all the DC figures you probably will never get here, if you’re so inclined.