New Iron Man 3 Trailer Is…Well, It’s Something

Watching this new cut, I am surprised and a bit shocked at the fact that…

Naww. I can’t do this.

Gotta be honest – I was sent the embed code yesterday, with a promise that the trailer would be live as of this posting. I am putting some blind-ass faith in Disney there. The words you are currently reading were written by me last night. I have no idea what’s in the trailer above, except, I presume, Robert Downey Jr. saying something quippy, quickly.

I probably don’t even remember writing these words, at this moment in time. I might have been having some beers or ten when I put fingers to letter keys, but you’ll never prove that. (Ironically enough, I’ll bet that’s a sentence Downey has uttered at some point. Tony Stark too.)

I could be sleeping right now. I could be watching you leave comments. You won’t know that upfront. I could imitate the other bloggers who pretend like they know more about what’s in this trailer and what the movie will reveal. Like them, I’m making an Iron Man 3 trailer post all about me. Unlike them, I’m admitting it’s because I’ve got nothing to add right now. Except that this will probably be attached to Oz the Great and Powerful.

And yet you’re still reading this. Unless you’re not. Just watch the trailer.