SDCC: Um, Batman Just Totally Ran Over Harley Quinn with the Batmobile in the New Injustice Trailer

All right. You guys know I’m not a fan of Mortal Kombat or its fighting engine, and despite the awesome cinematic trailers for the Elseworlds DC fighter Injustice, I hadn’t really expected much from the game. But this new SDCC trailer brings up an angle that I hadn’t really considered — what if all the DC heroes really, really fucking hated each other? It turns out that fighting game, even with the MK engine, is pretty fucking awesome. I mean, this shit makes DC Vs. Mortal Kombat look like… a really old fighting game with practically no violence in it. Seriously, any game where I can make the Flash slam Superman’s head into a parked car — repeatedly — at super-speed — well, that’s a game I really, really want to play.