STYNKWAFAWATS*: Magic, Doctor Who, Amazing Spider-Man, Etc.

? Apparently there’s a new Magic: The Gathering set out, called Duels of the Planeswalkers, in anticipation of a new core Magic set coming out soon (note: I have no idea what any of this means). However, I thought it worth noting that WotC ran the above commercial, which presents Magic as something extremely nerdy but not prohibitively so, starring a variety of attractive people who probably don’t play Magic but aren’t so attractive as to be ludicrous in the commercial. I just thought it was nicely done, is all.

? Rob Liefeld is writing the new origin for Deathstroke and Lobo. I expect this to end well. (Via Newsarama)
? NECA will be debuting the Marvel All-Winners’ Squad collectible line at SDCC, which aims to merchandise ridiculous Marvel characters like Squirrel Girl. I approve mightily. (Via CBR)
? The awesome play Of Dice and Men has it’s NYC premiere on July 7th at the Brick Theater, and will run through the 27th. You can read more about it here, or watch the new trailer here. DO IT.
? Nerd Bastards has a bunch of Doctor Who season 7 hints and spoilers, if you’re so inclined.
? The immortal Spider-Man line “With great power comes great responsibility,” will not be featured in The Amazing Spider-Man movie, opening next week. I feel like that line is as integral to Spidey’s character as anything, but let’s hear director Mark Webb’s reason for omitting it (courtesy of MTV): 

We played around with the idea of using it, but ultimately it felt like it was in the subtext of the film in so many places. I think we’ve all heard it so many times that I didn’t think that it was necessary to use. Uncle Ben, of course, issues a statement using some of the similar words to kind of convey that idea.

So let me get this straight, Mark. You thought that everyone had heard the defining quote from Spider-Man’s origin so many times that it wasn’t necessary to put in the film? BUT RETELLING THE REST OF HIS ENTIRE FUCKING ORIGIN FOR AN UMPTEENTH TIME WAS NECESSARY? FUCK YOU. That’s absurd. You know how many people know the “great responsibility line” that don’t know Spidey’s origin? ZERO PEOPLE, THAT’S WHO, GAH.