The Doctor Who Entertainment Weekly Cover Is News (Technically)


It’s the first time any British series has ever been featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. It’s as strong an indication of nu-Who‘s U.S. and global popularity as you’re going to get. It’s being reported all over the nerdernet. And yet… I remain unaffected. I don’t know, sorry. It just that I already knew Doctor Who was very popular in America, and thus am not surprised to see it on the cover of EW — especially in the summer, when there’s no new TV shows premiering, and the biggest movie premiere is a Ben Stiller comedy. Plus, as a guy who used to read EW a lot, I can tell you that EW is definitely more interested in nerd stuff than it used to be, because nerds are still happy to buy magazines with their favorite properties on the cover, unlike a lot of consumer groups. So honestly, I’m not the tiniest bit surprised Doctor Who is on the new EW cover. The only reason I’m even posting it because there’s no other news. Which means I should probably stop typing now. Right? Right.