Geek Apparel of the Week: Lo Pan Express, Tesla Power, Koraa Hoodies


? I believe I’ve mentioned my policy of running any Big Trouble in Little China-themed merchandise I come across, but even if I didn’t have such a policy in place, I’d be running this shirt of Lo Pan rolling Big Daddy Roth-style with his two green-eyed brides. It’s $10 at TeeFury, today only.


? Tipster David Rad says this is the coolest Tesla shirt he’s ever seen, and I’m inclined to agree. The best part is knowing deep down that the bird on his head is some kind of cyborg. It’s $6 (!) at 6 Dollar Shirts.


? Etsy artist Rarity’s Boutique makes these hoodies inspired by the four elementally themed nations of Legend of Korra; they’re expensive at $140 each and take 5-6 weeks to make, but they’re 1) made of fleece, and 2) gorgeous. You can check them out (and her other nerdy hoodies) on her Etsy page. (Via Fashionably Geek)