The Muppets to Take Manhattan for Real?

Muppets Broadway.jpg

As you may recall, in The Muppets Take Manhattan, Kermit and company stage a Broadway play called Manhattan Melodies. (The highlight of which was Miss Piggy totally tricking Kermit into marrying her for real). It may have taken 28 years, but the Muppets may actually be coming to the Great White Way for real. The Disney fan site Stitch Kingdom is reporting that the web domains and Right now, both of those addresses redirect to an IT company in Melbourne, so don’t head there looking for any concrete information about what this means. Muppet fans may recall that back in 2001, The Muppet Show Live was a one night only event at the Hollywood Palace that mixed classic clips from the program with live Muppet performances and special guests. Hopefully a live Broadway show would do the same or be an Avenue Q-type production, as opposed to the touring Muppet shows of the 1980s that had actors in goofy oversized suits. Of course, all of this is just wild speculation at this point and the registration of those domains may not mean anything other than Disney keeping their options open. But hey, it’s a slow news day. So if I want to imagine that this means there will be a live version of The Great Muppet Caper at some point, I’m going to. Though there totally won’t be. Damn.