The Pros and Cons of the Deluxe E.T. Blu-Ray Packaging

PROS: It’s not shaped like E.T. itself, meaning you don’t have to remove the discs from the alien’s scrotum-like torso or his malformed head. Additionally, there’s no glowy, predatory finger, threatening to touch you, your loved ones or your pets.

CONS: It’s shaped like E.T.’s spaceship, which is happily not scrotum-like, but which I was 100% certain E.T. would kidnap me and take me to under the misguided notion I was his friend like Eliott. I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND, E.T. YOU SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. YOU GO PUT ON LADY’S CLOTHES IN SOME OTHER KIDS’ CLOSET. 

At any rate, the case — which also plays a bit of the haunting-in-a-bad-way E.T. theme — is a limited edition item, due out probably before the end of this year, so if you want it, you’d best pre-order it for $140 here. Just know that if you do pre-order it, I’m staring at you through my computer with an extremely disapprovinglook on my face. (Via Nerd Bastards)