TV News Trifecta: Battle Royale, Dr. Horrible, Beware the Batman


? The CW is thinking about making a TV series based on Battle Royale, the Japanese books and movie about a class of high school kids tossed on an island and forced to kill each other for reality TV. It’s going to be terrible. Just fucking terrible. Seriously, there’s no way this is going to end up anything but awful. Thanks to Bruce C. for the tip. (Via LA Times)

? The CW is going to air Dr. Horrible on October 9th too, because The CW thinks airing five-year-old webseries is another brilliant idea. (Via MTV Geek)
? In the wake of the Aurora shooting, WB Animation is changing the guns in the upcoming Beware the Batman cartoon series to be… uh, guns, but like with square barrels instead of round. It’s one of those weird, kneejerk things the entertainment industry does after these sorts of tragedies that are completely meaningless, but ultimately benign. I mention it only because Batman is a hero you can pretty much count on not to glorify gun violence, except that Beware the Batman Batman fights crime with a gun-toting Alfred by his side. Changing the shape of the gun barrels is really rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, don’t you think? thanks to Dallas P. for the tip. (Via IGN)