10 Romantically Nerdy Wedding Cake Toppers

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In less than three months, this member of the Loyal Fraternity of Topless Robot will be married. My fianc?e and I have made a ton of decisions in the last year, from suits to bridesmaids’ dresses, from flowers to centerpieces, from our vows to what kind of appetizers we should have (or even we should even have them at all).

But we still have one incredibly important decision to make, one that will define our marriage as much as anything else — the wedding cake topper. Cake toppers are one of the few places that personalities are allowed to shine in most traditional weddings, and we both know we want something appropriately nerdy. Obviously, not a lot of traditional stores carry clever nerd cake toppers, so we’ve been scouring Pinterest, messy blogs and Etsy for the one topper that will best represent us. We found a ton of amazing, fan-made creations — and I knew they needed to be shared with my fellow Topless Roboteers. Here are the coolest nerdy wedding cake toppers I’ve seen, ranked in no particular order other than what was most interesting to my bride-to-be and myself. Any additional suggestions are welcome in the comments!

10) Mass Effect 2 Normandy by Annacrafts


Perhaps this is the only wedding cake topper in existence that references Mass Effect 2, specifically the Normandy SR-2 starship. Without any explanation, my fiancee might see this as a general homage to outer space. I don’t think I have time to take her through Shepard and company’s epic saga in the Milky Way; also, there’s the possibility that when no matter how our marriage works out, the only difference in the ending will be the colors.

9) Thor and Wonder Woman by CreativeButterflyXOX


It’s original, but I’m not seeing a strong connection between the two gods, other than the fact that they once shared Mjolnir. Also, do putting a Marvel superhero and a DC superheroine really symbollize love and unity? Unless it’s the Amalgam universe, I don’t think so.

8) Lego Leia and Stormtrooper by FoldedFancy


Combining two cornerstones of nerdom, this is a must-have topper set for any wedding scheduled on May 4th. My fianc?e and I will be, um, six months late. FoldedFancy offers to switch the hair and skin tone of the Lego figures, as well as the flowers, but what if the groom is blond and the bride is brunette? Then Lego Leia is pretty much marrying Lego Luke, and that’s just weird.

7) Lego Portal 2 Atlas & P-Body by Legohaulic


As I write this, I’m regretting that the two of us never played Portal together. A union between Lego and Portal 2, these wedding cake toppers were a commision. It’s an awesome example of Legohaulic’s attention to detail and faithfulness to nerd-dom. Even if you disapprove of two genderless robots marrying each other, Atlas and P-Body are best friends to have to work together to surmount life’s problems, and that’s quite an appropriate message for any couple getting hitched. Any criticism of this topper is a lie, unless my fiance has something to say.

6) Video Game Junkie by Awesometoppers


Cake toppers of determined brides dragging relunctant grooms to the altar have been around forever, but this one adds a nerdy twist by having the bride pull the groom away from his videogame. It’s hilarious gender-stereoptyping for the 21st century! As you can probably guess, the “game screen” can be replaced with whatever videogame you’d prefer to be seen neglecting your spouse-to-be for. My betrothed and I would want to pick a game that mom and dad — hell, maybe even grandma — would recognize. (Pac-Man, anyone?) Another option is Lego Batman, the last game we’ve played together.

5) Army of Darkness by Younique Boutique


We share a love for Evil Dead series and all of its campy glory. Admittedly, Army of Darkness isn’t the most romantic movie; it starts with Sheila trying to kill Ash, then Ash telling Sheila to blow, then Ash and Sheila doing it, then Sheila getting possessed by the evil dead, and finally Ash saving her but returning to the 20th century to mack on random S-Mart shoppers. So maybe it’s not the best omen for our wedding. On the other hand, if we had this topper maybe one of our ceremony readings could be a passage from the Necronomicon. What could go wrong?

4) Zelda and Link by Annacrafts

zelda weddin.jpg

This is Annacrafts’ most impressive act of nerdy. Never have Link and Zelda look so detailed, yet so cartoony! My future wife is a fan of fantasy literature and once dabbled in Nintendo gaming, and this made her giggle when she first saw it. That’s a good start.

3) Calvin and Hobbes and Suzy by Annacrafts


Mentioned earlier, Annacrafts has several nerdy wedding cake toppers, including this one that celebrates an amazing comic strip my bride and I both read growing up. It has a sort of playfulness that we can identify with, plus it would require little explanation to our guests. The only problem is that we don’t own a tiger, and painting Hobbes black (to represent our cat) would be heresy.

2) Batman and Catwoman by Jsebold87


It’s true that thethe Dark Knight and Catwoman can barely keep their hands off each other, although they don’t seem particularly interested in settling down. This topper could represent a once forbidden love or opposite attractions, the latter being our choice. My fianc?e is a cat person, whereas I am not, but at least she did like The Dark Knight Rises.

1) Dalek Bride and Groom by Gammaraybots


I’m embarrassed to admit we don’t watch Doctor Who, but I know of the Daleks. I just like the design of these toppers — hats, colors and all. No, I love them. Together, they could pass as fun, science-fiction-y toppers while also nodding to the Doctor Who fans at the reception. If they declined my wedding invitation, though, I would understand.