Daredevil Slinks Shamefacedly Back to Marvel

Remember that “Let us use Galactus and you can keep Daredevil for a while longer” trade Marvel offered to Fox a little while back? Fox passed, meaning the Daredevil movie rights will revert to Marvel some time in October, and director Joe Carnahan’s vision of a gritty, Frank Miller-before-he-totally-lost-his-mind-esque set-in-the-’70s Daredevil movie is basically dead. Carnahan went on the Twitter to explain/bitch, and posted the above “sizzle reel” which was used to give mouth-breathing Fox movie executives an idea of what his movie would be like. While it’s technically possible that Marvel could pick up Carnahan’s version, they almost certainly won’t, because they’ll use him in the modern Marvel movie-verse instead.

Although Carnahan’s take sounded cool, I’m sure whatever Marvel does with DD will be pretty solid (they do have a pretty good track record, after all). So I’d say Daredevil fans can keep their chins up. Daredevil himself, on the other hand, has to feel like shit. Marvel wanted to let Fox keep him, but Fox didn’t want him either. That’s the sort of thing that can give a superhero serious self-esteem issues. (Via /Film)