Marvel Wants to Feed Movie Daredevil to Movie Galactus (Kind of)


Let’s see if I can break this down. 1) Fox’s Daredevil license is about to expire unless they put a Daredevil movie in production in the very near future (i.e. October 10th). 2) Fox has actually been working with Joe Carnahan (director of The Grey and writer of The A-Team movie) to make a gritty, Frank Miller-esque Daredevil flick set in the ’70s. 3) Rumors are that Fox isn’t that interested in a ’70s solo superhero movie, and was just going to let the Daredevil rights revert back to Marvel.

Except now Marvel doesn’t want him.
Variety reports — and Fox vehemently denies — that Marvel is offering Fox a free extension to their Daredevil contract if they can borrow Galactus and maybe the Silver Surfer, which are part of the Fantastic Four rights package. This would let Fox make its Daredevil movie; however, Fox is reportedly more interested in an FF reboot, which has already been offered to Chronicle director Josh Trank. So while it’s possible they’d be willing to pass along Galactus just to make another Daredevil, it’s equally plausible that they wouldn’t.
My question is this: What does Marvel want Galactus for? The obvious answer is Guardians of the Galaxy, but that’s already in development. I doubt Marvel would based the movie on the hope that Fox would be willing to go backsies. So maybe GotG2? Another question: Would this be a full trade, or would Fox just be sharing Galactus? Because if it’s the latter, Fox would be fools to say no. They could put Galactus in an FF movie, before or after he shows up in a GotG flick, and then have synergy with the phenomenally successful Marvel movie-verse. I know Hollywood hates working together, but they love money more, and sharing Galactus with Marvel will probably make them a great deal of money. Hell, they should share Galactus even if they aren’t getting Daredevil for a few extra years, if they want money. And they want money, I assure you. Money buys cocaine. (Via FilmDrunk)