New, Longer Agents of SHIELD Trailer, Plus Hot Toys Coulson


Okay, so we learn a few more tidbits from this: the perception of Coulson’s death is acknowledged, and it would seem the information that he is a live is classified “level 7” (seven, of course, is the number of movies in Marvel’s “Phase One”…plus one!). Kids in this world play with superhero toys too. And there is a black superhero, probably in the pilot, though we don’t know his name yet (insert Chris Rock “Nat X” joke about how a full movie would give The Man a heart attack). In fact, it looks like several super-powered or scientifically augmented individuals will be showing up. Aliens, too.

We also learn that I’m tired of putting all the periods into the titular acronym. So I’m just gonna write it as an all-caps word. Really, it’ll be easier on everyone, but mostly me.

Here’s an action figure that doesn’t exist in the Marvel Universe yet, but will soon in ours – Hot Toys’ Agent Coulson:


Watch the trailer after the jump. It works best if you pull down your sunglasses just like our plastic Phil above…