DVD Day: August 14th, 2012


? The Hunger Games

PLEASE NOTE THIS COMES OUT ON FRIDAY. Not today. So don’t go running the Best Buy to pick it up. For the record, my review of the movie is here.
One of the finest, boldest, craziest, nerdiest seasons of one of the finest, boldest, craziest, nerdiest TV shows of all time. Buy it now, because god only knows how the show will be next season without creator Dan Harmon.
I haven’t seen this, but I’m told it is one of the most badass action movies ever made by… well, everybody who’s seen it, frankly. I have no doubt several Topless Roboteers can back this up in the comments.
The movie in which Godzilla and Ultraman rip-off Jet Jaguar have a tag-team monster wrestling match with the giant cockroach Megalon and Gigan. It’s fantastically awful.
Episode 155 and a special edition of Pertwee’s debut, I believe.
The Cuban zombie movie. If you’ll recall, the trailer looked pretty solid, so it’s probably worth giving it a rent.
Apparently Smith and Jay Mewes did some kind of British tour of some sorts? I don’t know, and I don’t particularly need to. I will say, though, that at this point Smith looks healthier than Jason Mewes does, and that’s fucked up.
Fucking finally.
The newest installment in the motion comic of Joss Whedon’s X-Men storyarc. For the record, Astonishing was my favorite thing Whedon had ever done until Avengers, if that means anything to you.
New to DVD, but only four episodes each. I’d wait to see if Shout Factory gets ’em, frankly.
All five of the MST-less Gamera movies featured on MST3K, just with different titles, as well as a flick called Destroy All Planets. It’s two discs for $7, so that’s something, I guess..
The SyFy movie pitting Barry “Greg Brady”  Williams against Danny “Danny Partridge” Bonaduce. Also Bigfoot is involved, I hear.
It’s hard to tell from the user reviews, but this seems to be some kind of remake of RotLD with Jeffrey Combs, and a great deal of cheap CG, 2-D animation stills, claymation, and apparently sock puppets. The Amazon reviews are bitter, but it sounds totally fascinating to me.