DVD Day: August 21st, 2012


? Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Season One, Vol. 1

30 episodes for $15. You can’t beat that… unless you have Netflix Instant.

There are a few Disney Blu-ray releases tday, but I feel like the one of most interest to the nerdernet is this one. It contains both Rescuers movies and a disc of extras.
Well, I hope it wasn’t like this.
A horrible ’80s movie where evil businessmans/stuffed shirt Joe “Mitchell!” Don “Mitchell.” Baker tries to shut down an arcade, which the area nerds must defend, preferably by making girls take their tops off. I’m making it sound infinitely better than it is. Seriously, don’t watch it.
The 1982 sci-fi anime classic finally comes to DVD in the States, in Japanese but also with the classic Streamline sub.
There is absolutely no way this movie lives up to its title. No. Fucking. Way.