Finally a Reality Show About Real Nerd Problems

Reality shows have not been kind to nerds (nor to the human race in general, really, but let’s focus on the nerd part for now). Usually, nerds as portrayed in reality shows are ugly and socially awkward to the point of insanity, basically all the nerd tropes from ’80s movies. which is why I’m actually kind of pleased to learn about SyFy’s new reality show, which focuses on a problem that a lot of nerds actually deal with (as do their friends and family members): Their collections.

I’d daresay you’d find 100 nerds who have some kind of collection — toys, comics, manga, videogames, art, whatever — for every nerd who goes outside with a pocket protector and his glasses taped together. Of course, you don’t have to be a hoarder to be a collector, and to have that collection interfere with your life — almost all my nerd friends have had to deal with paring down their toy and/or comic collections when moving in with somebody, having a kid, whatever. So a show about those more extreme examples, when people’s collections are huge and cause more specific problems… well, I can actually get behind that. That’s a nerdy reality show for nerds that in theory doesn’t paint us as freaks and social pariahs.
The show is called Collection Intervention, and premieres on SyFy tonight at 10 p.m. EST. You may have noticed I haven’t shown you the show’s trailer yet, and here’s why:
…because the Star Wars-loving subject of the show cries when recalling that time she had to give away some Star Wars stuff, and sounds like a lunatic. I don’t know if the lady really is that crazy, or if she’s playing it up for the camera, but… sigh. Call me crazy, but I think you could find people with a house full of Star Wars toys, who had a Star Wars wedding, and who hated the idea of getting rid of her collection without breaking down on camera at the idea of it. The person I’m talking about is nerd collector. The person on screen here is a nerd collector who’s kind of crazy. You were so close, SyFy! Still, I will give SyFy credit for picking a woman with a spouse, who seems pretty normal otherwise, as opposed to, say, that terrifying TMNT lady. 
Still, no one tell Ms. Robot about this show. There is no way in hell I’m getting rid of my toys. (Via Blastr)