Marvel’s Avengers Blu-Ray Megaset Is Awesome, Screwed

This video is a bit old, but if the only thing you know about Marvel’s Cinematic Phase One Blu-ray set is that includes all the Marvel-produced movies and comes in Nick Fury’s Cosmic Cube briefcase, then you should probably watch it. It details a lot of the extras the set will come with inside the briefcase, and it’s actually really worth getting the set, even if you hate trying to work in abnormal DVD/Blu-ray cases to your home video collection.

Of course, it might be a moot point, since Marvel/Disney… uh, stole the briefcase design from a German luggage company, who is now suing them. The short version is this: Marvel used a briefcase from Rimowa GmbH as Fury’s Tessaract transporter, and licensed it to appear in the movie with the company and all was well. The problem is the home video department is obviously releasing a pretty darn perfect replica of the suitcase for the set collection… and they never got rights from Rimowa GmbH to mass-produce a copy of their briefcase for this purpose. So now Rimowa GmbH is suing Marvel, and they’re going to win, because Marvel/Disney totally fucked up.
That’s obviously bad; bad for Marvel, and likely bad for folks like me who desperately want this Blu-ray set in their lives. Because either Disney/Marvel will have to pay off the luggage company a shit-ton to keep this thing releasing on time next month, or this thing is going to get delayed — possibly past the holiday season. Or it’s going to have to get a new case altogether. I admit, I’d rather have the briefcase at this point,if only to be able to get it next month. But if it has to be delayed, I wouldn’t be opposed to a Quinjet. Hey, if you refuse to let me store in on my shelf like a regular Blu-ray, it might as well be something more exciting than a briefcase. (Via The Mary Sue)