Nobody Wants to Build the Dark Tower


Having been passed over by Universal (and, if producer Brian Grazer is to have been believed in the first, HBO, since nothing’s happened since Glazer said it was a done deal), Ron Howard’s massive Dark Tower project, once full of self-confidence and bravado, slunk over to Warner Bros. and asked politely if maybe they’d be interested in giving them a shit-ton of money to make three movies and two TV series. 

Warner Bros. has answered, and, shockingly, it’s a no. WB has passed, and now The Dark Tower is without a home yet again — and without formerly attached star Javier Bardem, too. I can’t imagine any other studio else willing (or even able) to pony up that much money for the project; more likely we’ll get one movie and then folks will see how it does and maybe think about a sequel or two then… if we get anything at all. Which we probably won’t. (Via First Showing)