Rumors of the Plot of the Guardians of the Galaxy

You guys know I hate reporting rumors, but occasionally there’s a rumor that I desperately want to be true, and I try to will it into existence by reporting on. This is one of those times. The Hollywood database The Grid lists Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy plot synopsis as:

About a U.S. pilot who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict and goes on the run with futuristic ex-cons who have something everyone wants.
Now, I have no idea how accurate The Grid is, how good their sources are, if they even have sources, or who actually updates it. All I know is that if the above plot is true, then there’s a pretty good chance…

…Carol Danvers is the U.S. pilot in question. This is a phenomenal idea in many ways, and I’m going to list them: 1) As the Kree-powered Ms. Marvel, Carol already has ties to the cosmic Marvel-verse, and would work extremely well in a GotG movie. 2) The Marvel movie-verse could use a higher profile (and more powerful) superheroine than Black Widow. 3) She could immediately be added to the Avengers, which is another great way to tie the Marvel movie-verse together. 4) Carol is getting a pretty big push from Marvel right now as the new Captain Marvel, so there’s synergy there. 5) Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel is awesome, and I would really, really like her to get her movie due and her movie debut.
So again, there’s no telling if this is at all accurate. But I think it makes a lot of sense on many, many levels for Marvel, and if it’s not true, it goddamn should be. Also, the idea of Marvel making a Captain Marvel movie before DC manages to make a Wonder Woman movie is fucking hilarious to me. (Via io9)