STYNK*: Avengers, Game of Thrones, Mad Max, Transformers


? Someone made a sculpture of what Agent Coulson might look like is turned into the Vision for Avengers 2. It is awesome, and has no basis in reality. It does not represent even the tiniest possibility that Agent Coulson will be in Avengers 2, that the Vision will be in Avengers 2, or that Agent Coulson will be turned into the Vision. It is purely a fan-made piece for kicks. Any website that implies that it has the tiniest bit of validity is lying to you. (Via Blastr)

? Speaking of the Vision, though, Vin Diesel has put up a bunch of pics of the superheroic android on his Facebook. My guess is that Diesel, a known nerd, is campaigning to get the part if it exists, which I doubt he even knows for sure either way. I don’t know how I feel about him in the role, but I appreciate his enthusiasm. (Via Comic Book)
? Ciarin Hinds, who played Julius Caesar in HBO’s Rome and the devil in the extremely shitty Ghost Rider 2 movie, has been cast as Mance Rayder in Game of Thrones season 3. I like Hinds, but I always imagined Mance was a bit younger and a lot more charismatic, in order to get all the Wildings to join together and march on the wall. Apparently The Wire‘s Dominic West was offered the role, and he turned it down. He would have been perfect. Hinds has prescence and gravitas, but he doesn’t have that charm that I imagined Mance having. (Via EW)
? A synopsis of the Mad Max sequel Fury Road has been released, indicating that after the apocalypse people will have stupid/awesome names. My personal favorites: “Imperator Furiosa,” “Rictus Erectus,” and “Coma-Doof Warrior.” (Via The AV Club)
? Hot on the heels of the G.I. Joe Subscription Club, here’s the deets for the Transformers Sub Club: $282 for seven figures, which include Jackpot, Breakdown, Slipstream, Circuit, Scourge (the evil black Optimus Prime dude), Ultra Mammoth, and a bonus figure. That’s about $40 per figure, not counting shipping. You can see the pics of the figures at Seibertron. Thanks to TY for the tip.