STYNK*: Batman Toys, Robocop, Thor 2, DC Being Awful

* Stuff That You Need to Know (that don’t fit into easily defined categories. Yes, I’ve shortened it).


? Mattel’s next DC Unlimited toyline will include Injustice Batman (from the upcoming videogame) and New 52 Wonder Woman, while Batman Unlimited will include Dark Knight Returns Batman (which uses an MotUC body, I’d like to point out) and Zur-En-Arrh Batman, which I desperately want in theory and not so much in execution. (Via Poe Ghostal)
? By all accounts the Robocop reboot is half groan-worthy references to the original, half Michael Bay “xtreme update” bullshit. E.g. they send Robocop to take out an Al Qaeda training camp. Seriously. (Via io9)
? Star Trek: First Contact’s Alice Krige has been cast in Thor 2: The Dark World, almost certainly as Dark Elf Queen Alfyse, significant other of Malekith, who will be played by Chris Eccleston. (Via CBR)
? Alan Moore says DC offered him $2 million to endorse Before Watchmen. Stupid DC. What does Alan Moore care for your money? Nothing. Now, two million souls, that’s a negotiation with a starting point. On the other hand, this would make a great plot for Indecent Proposal 2. (Via Blastr)
? Speaking of DC being incredibly shitty, their first “tribute” to the passing of Joe Kubert this morning included this preposterously unsubtle and despicable plug for Before Watchmen: Nite Owl. They’ve since changed it. Stay classy, DC.