That’s a F#$%load of Final Fantasy, But I’m Not Sure It’s Fantastic


Much like the Metal Gear series, the Final Fantasy franchise is also celebrating its 25th anniversary. Unlike Konami, Square Enix didn’t announce a new installment in its primary cash cow or a Hollywood movie, but it will be releasing a ridiculously large gift set which includes all 13 major, non-sequel or spinoff Final Fantasy games (specifically, the PlayStation, PS2 and PS3 versions). The set also includes an artbook, a Yoshitaka Amano print of his not that thrilling 25th anniversary art piece, some kind of video disc, a two-CD music collection, and some sort of horrible bullshit in-game Moogle earring for Final Fantasy XIV. All this will run you about $450, which is not insignificant for a bunch of games you probably already own at least one copy of (maybe more). You can see pics of all the items at Anime News Network, if you’re so inclined.

If you’re not entirely enthused about the collector’s set, you might be pleased to know that Square said Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still coming, but of course presented no info, screenshots or video as proof. So basically, for Final Fantasy‘s 25th anniversary, Square is rehashing a ton of shit we don’t need and already bought, and refusing to give us anything new. That sounds about right.