That’s a Lot of Daleks

Speaking of Doctor Who Doctors, BBC America just released this preview for the upcoming season 7, and, besides yet another appearance by River @#$%ing Song, I’m very much looking forward to it. It just looks like a lot more fun than the often somber season 6, and I’m just as excited as Matt Smith to see dinosaurs on a spaceship. Of course, showrunner Steven Moffat still provides a bit of badassery, as evidenced by the preview’s final scene. You know, I maintain his Doctor Who hasn’t been as consistently good as RTD’s Who, but  I thinkMoffat creates the better Who moments by far, and this is a peek at one of them. Whether you enjoy one style or the other more is a matter of personal preference — I personally wouldn’t trade anything for Rory’s “I have a message and a question” scene from last season — but I’m still glad season 7 looks to be lightening up a little. You know, besides the Doctor carrying Amy’s corpse and everything. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.