You Can Observe Fringe’s Observers Being Dickweeds

The fifth and final season of Fringe premieres on September 28th, and as you may recall from last season’s flash-forward episode, the Observers have stopped Observing and started being Total Assholes bent on taking over the planet. This promo indicates that the new season won’t pick up from that flash-forward episode, where Walter, Olivia and Peter wake up in the future and meet their grown up daughter and start thinking about a revolution against bald, creepy people; instead, it appears that the show will take place more or less in the present (baby Henrietta being a few years old) where the Fringe team try to prevent the future from coming to pass, which I’m perfectly fine with. My concern is why the Observers make the Observer/Total Asshole switch in the first place. Is there a reason? Was this their plan all along? If so, what the hell were they Observing all those moments in history for? I’d like to think there’s a really good answer for this, but I’m betting there will simply be an answer. Enh, it’s Fringe, and it’s the last season. We’ve had a good run together. I guess I can cut it some slack. (Via Warming Glow)