A Knight’s TV Show


Via Deadline:

A Knight’s Tale, the 2001 feature starring Heath Ledger, is headed to the small screen in a series adaptation written by Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ron Moore. ABC has bought the project, from Sony Pictures TV, with a script commitment.
I have to say I approve of this. A Knight’s Tale is a damn fun movie, and it could easily be drawn out to cover a few seasons of a TV series. I was instantly worried this would go to The CW, which would probably end up pretty cheesy, but since it’s going to ABC I don’t think we need to worry. Plus, with a full TV series, Ron Moore could sneak in the other stories of Canterbury Tales — as a literature nerd, it would be awesome to see Chaucer kind of sneak in to primetime TV. The biggest problem that I see is that the show would lack Alan Tudyk and Mark “King Baratheon” Addy (yep, same dude — IS YOUR MIND BLOWN?) as the squires. But hire the right people and I’d watch for sure.