Arrow Is Still Learning the Whole Vigilante Thing

All right, (Green) Arrow. This is a good start. You kill some random thugs, and tell the crime lord to fork over some cash (I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that it’s for like orphanages or something, and not, say, $40 million worth of arrows). But that last shot? That’s all wrong! If the guy threatens you and you want to make a dramatic exit, you can’t just shoot the car window next to him, because it looks like you were trying to do something cool and just missed. The expectation is that you’re a great archer and need to make a final point to complete the intimidation — so that last shot needs to prove your skills and ensure the bad guy gives you the money you’ve demanded. As such, you need to graze his cheek — let him know you could have shot him in his eye if you wanted to. Or in the hand — he probably only needs one to do the transfer. Or even in-between the legs, right under the crotch — a shot like that would get you the money. All you’ve done here is kill some thugs and broken a bad guy’s car window. As a rule, a superhero attack should be more intimidating that a car accident. (Via Spinoff)